Week One

Posted by Jen | Journal | Sunday 3 February 2008 7:43 pm

My official starting date to lose weight was January 24th, 2008.  I began at 147 pounds.
Today is February 3rd and I just weighed in at…147 pounds.

Okay.  No worries.  I already knew my body was going to be stubborn about this.  I guess a small part of me is a little disappointed, but there is no way…no way that this body is going to hang on to this fat forever.  So, what are my current techniques?

  • Keep a food diary.  Track every single morsel I eat.  There is no way I can accurately track my progress in the beginning unless I do this.  I truly believe this.  I need to become familiar with portion sizes and the true calorie amounts of the food I eat.
  • Keep an exercise diary.  Track my exercise, track the amount of time and the general amount of calories burned.  This is rough for me because I have to rely on online exercise calculators for the number of calories burned.
  • Eat 3 meals and 2 -3 mini snacks a day.  Always have some protein with each meal/snack.  This is specific to me and my body chemistry.  I seem to be extremely sensitive to carbs and sugar levels and my cravings become uncontrollable if I don’t keep the carbs balanced with protein.

I am seriously going to have to look into getting a heart rate monitor.  I like knowing that I am working with accurate numbers.  Dieting is a serious business.  I know that the idea of counting calories and crunching numbers can make so many people cringe.  I know that many believe that is just too hard to do…and way too hard to continue for the rest of their life.  For me…I love it.  It’s logical and makes sense to me.

Calories in.  Calories out.
I eat a certain amount.  I burn the surplus calories.  I lose weight.
My goal is to be diligent and meticulous and methodical about my calorie tracking.  I want it to become like a second nature to me.  I want to eventually be able to cut up an apple and have an accurate idea of how many calories are in it.  I want to plan a meal and automatically judge it’s calorie amount.  I want to be able to automatically keep a running tally of my calorie intake throughout the day.
That is when this temporary “diet” will become a lifelong habit.

But, that’s still a long time down the road. Right now, I have no intention of winging it.  As the weeks go on, I’m sure I’ll need to tweak a few things and I will never know what to tweak unless I track everything I am doing.

So…let’s give my body another week to adjust to these changes and see what happens next.